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Code in motion

Creative workshop with Dumbar

Using code can be truly uplifting for a creative process. At Studio Dumbar, code and input go hand in hand and are equally crucial for the unique and original outcome. This workshop will focus on the intersection of design, code and motion. Participants will play with pre-made code and make it a vital part of their motion design workflow.


Procedural design in Blender

3D design workshop with Manuel Casasola Merkle

Blender has been enjoying a lot of hype lately. The free 3D software is more powerful, easier to use and delivers results quickly. This workshop will focus on the newest features that make Blender a great and easy-to-use companion even for advanced users of sophisticated tools like Houdini.



Starting with VR for 3D Designers

Software workshop with Lucy Janca and Krystof Suk

Virtual reality is tempting but it is a very demanding skill to master for any 3D designer out there. It might seem technologically demanding but all you really need is proper knowledge. This unique workshop with Lucy Janca and Krystof Suf will teach you the whole pipeline you need to know for getting your own 3D assets to virtual reality. You will end up taking a look at your own animation on a VR headset.


Pitching Ideas for Motion Graphics

Creative presentation workshop with Thiago Maia

Pitching ideas to clients is not an easy task. Mastering  it takes time, experience and gets you from a solid designer chair to a superstar art direction throne. How  do you learn this craft? The presentation masterclass with Thiago Maia can help you speed up this process. The experienced Creative Director of Cookie Studio will share his tips and tricks to help you deliver the perfect pitch to the client.


We believe you can fly!

Illustration and animation workshop with Kurzgesagt

Would you like to animate your own character? Or simply learn how to  bring illustrations to life? This workshop with the popular YouTube channel Kurzgesagt will get you ready for the world of animated characters. You will learn the process of setting up your illustrated character, preparing assets for animation and then bringing the character to life using Adobe AE and Duik Bassel.



Creative technology workshop w. Andreas Gysin

Typography is an essential and vital part of graphic design and it can offer endless creative possibilities but some of them may be difficult to achieve if you’re not familiar with the right processes. At this creative technology workshop with the Swiss-based designer Andreas Gysin, you will learn how to experiment with real-time text rendering to create unique text-based imagery.



Rebrand God

Branding Workshop with The Designers Republic

This branding exercise, led by the legendary founder of The Designers Republic, is an engaging workshop for anyone who wants to know how to create a successful brand. There will be a multitude of space for questions as well as ideation and problem-solving. Participants will receive a surprise brief and a unique star guidance by Ian Anderson.


Houdini Motion Graphics Class

Software workshop with Pixeltrain

The workshop led by Helge Maus is technically oriented and focuses on how to effectively use Houdini from SideFX, the highly complex and sought-after motion graphics and design tool. Maus’ popularity is primarily derived from his humane approach to teaching. This workshop is an excellent stepping stone for a Houdini novice or those who want to perfect their skills and use the tool in a more powerful and efficient way.


C4D & Unreal Engine: A Perfect Union

Software Presentation of Maxon

Unreal Engine is the most powerful game engine and when combined with Cinema 4D, they form a perfect union. This enables you to transfer full scenes from Cinema 4D to Unreal Engine 4 and to enhance them right inside, a very welcome development. This workshop will show you how to use both applications and get the most out of their best features.


C4D / MoGraph for Everyone

Software Presentation of Maxon

The workshop will focus on the basics of Cinema 4D and its many different aspects that are beneficial for both beginners and advanced users. You will receive a brief introduction as well as useful tips and tricks from a new software release. 150 minutes of interesting workflows and a lot of fun are guaranteed.



Motion Graphics in Houdini

Software Workshop with Pixeltrain

The workshop led by Helge Maus will be technically oriented and will focus on how to effectively use the highly complex and sought-after tool Houdini from SideFX. Maus’ popularity is primarily derived from his humane approach to teaching; therefore, the workshop will be a great stepping stone for anyone who wishes to start using Houdini or perfect their skills and be able to use it in a more effective and efficient way.


You and Me

Creative Workshop with the Designers Republic

The creative workshop with the legendary founder of the Designers Republic will be based around narrative in design. Because every design is a story of some sort or another. The workshop is called You and Me and focuses on narrative and type and will cover the key principles and the problem-solving process in graphic design. The participants will get a surprise brief and a unique and star guidance by Ian Anderson.


New Features in Cinema 4D

Software Presentation with Pixeltrain

A free presentation for a limited capacity of viewers will be given by Helge Maus and will show new features in the latest Cinema 4D release.




Jonas Pilz

Jonas Pilz is a member of MAXON, maker of the popular 3D motion graphics powerhouse – Cinema 4D. Jonas loves to explore the new ways of creating motion graphics in 3D without being hard core 3D graphics professional. After graduating from university in 2011 Jonas worked as a freelance 3D generalist for a period of four years and created lots of visualizations and animations for designated industrial clients and television with Cinema 4D. In 2015 Jonas joined MAXON and started giving Cinema 4D workshops and presenting MAXON products at trade shows and other public events.